Privacy Policy

RULBUK ENTERPRISES ("Company" or "we" or "us" or "our") respects the privacy of everyone ("Sites' visitor" "user" or "you") that uses our website realpicwin.com. This privacy policy details about the whole function and its provision of bond which establish between users and us after the creating account on our website. We assure our users that we are committed to govern accordingly. Hence it is our responsibility to give our users complete information about their security and privacy on our site. So it is clearly described that what type of data or information we collect from you through our website and apps, where we use it and how?

    Before creating any account, please read all documents carefully . If you create an account on our site .It means you agree to our policy and ‘terms and condition’. We are thankful to you and appreciate you for this act of trust on us and this policy makes a lawful agreement between you and us.

    1 Following types of data or information, we collect from you

    1.1 We collect basic information from our users like mobile no. , email, gender, profile’s name and picture.

    1.2 The activity and engagement of like or dislike or comments on any post, contest and Competition.

    Note: - Here we provide a feature of chat where users can chat with their family and friends so our chat system are made end to end encrypted to secure their talks, it means no one can see your chat except you.

    1.3 We collect some sensitive information such as debit/credit card number, net banking , UPI , Wallets No through online transection during paying of amount by our users as an entry fee. We collect these information to send the prize amount to winner candidates for participate in contest or competition.

    1.4 we collect details of shipping address to currier their gift prize to winners.

    2 Why we collect date or information?

    Because we have responsibility and obligation to take care the privacy of our uses and our also.

    2.1 To protect you from any type of spam, abuse, threat, malpractice, and illegal activity.

    2.2 To verify a genuine account holder.

    2.3 To improve the performance of our service by troubleshoot any technical issues.

    2.4 For testing, analyzing, and adding a new feature or Contest or competition.

    2.5 To detect and prevent from any fraud users to stop them to participate in any events.

    2.6 You agree with us that we can send you any news, updates, notification, promotional messages, etc. about our contest, platform, services, etc. to your mobile number and emails.

    3 We share your personal information in case of following reasons

    3.1 Some of your information are displayed on mobile, tab and laptop of those users, who opens our website in such devices, for convenient of users such as user Id, gender, profile name and picture , followers and posted contents which is/are uploaded by you and these information helps the new user to understand you better and your post .

    3.2 We share your personals information, In case of legal request or search warrant or court order or law enforcement, or government order etc. if such type of situation arise then only if we have a good faith Belief that inquiry is reasonable and it is necessary to do and law is required to proof your and our transparency.

    3.3 If there is a situation arise to transfer or sell of our assets then you agree with us and permitted to transfer your personal information and data to new owner but it is important for you to note that the current active policy and ‘terms and conditions’ at that time will be apply during the transfer of our assets for safety of our users .After that it will have totally his/her responsibility that what he takes decision to either new changes or not changes? So keep updated.

    3.4 You agree with us and accept our decision to transfer our server or hosting or data storage location to any other new location for better performance of our service.

    4 How do we manage all the data, permission and competition?

    4.1 We give you authority to access and use our site. You can both upload and download any contents or information . You can update your account at any time, your data will be kept safe and secured until you delete it, after deleting any information or data from your account , it becomes erase simultaneously from your account and my storage also, then no one can see or recover it.

    4.2 The notification of contest and competition, list of winner and prize will be notified on our website or in the official account of our site on the other social media platform and it may be published through newspapers.

    Note :- There will be a separate term and condition for each and every competition and and contest.

    4.3 We proceed by assuming that you have read all the details on our document ( policy )carefully then you have decided to use our service .Since you can use our service free of cost , Instead of it you give us license to use your data and information for marketing and promotional purposes with or without labeling of our own website name and logo at any online platform like social media and printing media like newspaper, etc. Note :- you will be owner of your materials.

    4.4 All the users are advised to keep your original files or photos or story or poetry or any types of other contents written by you safe and secure. One thing, we clearly mention here that this is an open platform where different types of users upload their different types of contents and creations. If you upload your contents at our platform and if someone or any other user or any third party steal or copy your creation from our website and upload at other site or place. If your works or creation are uploaded on our site by other user then you can raise the issue of copyright by mailing on given registered emails. In this types of conditions, we do not take any types liability and responsibility to give you any waiver or compensation or refund for your loss. We will not be liable to give you answer for these cases. That’s why, we advise you to keep your files or contents safe and secure, so that you can proof yourself as an owner of your contents or creations at our place as well as other place. We assure you that we will keep your all the files and contents safe and secure from our end. We do not sell or buy any types of materials or contents or creations at our place. You are the owner of your materials or contents and possess all the copyright of your property.

    4.5.1 The organization of any type of competition or contest for cash prize will be paid after selecting winners . If and only if users belong to India then cash amount will be paid through credit card or debit Card or UPI or net banking or other available secure service.

    4.5.2 In case of gift prize , it will be distributed through available currier services.

    5 Cookies

    We do not collect any types of cookies or similar electronic tools to collect information of any visitor or our user to understand the user's individual interest for improvement of responsiveness of the sites for our users. However we use Google analytic, who use first-party cookies and JavaScript libraries use HTTP cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) to "remember" what a user has done on previous pages / interactions with the website.

    6 links to other sites

    Our website links are shared with other website and those websites have their own policy and terms of use. So we clearly state that we are not responsible for any inconvenient arise during use or visit to such types of site.

    7 Payment Details

    The transactional details of payment and shipping address which are collected by us from you. We assure you for that these sensitive information will be kept safe and secure. So we maintain our service through appropriate and trusted third party services because the protection of our user’s data to keep safe is our top priority

    8 Return, refund and cancellation

    We do not refund the amount that you paid to participate in contest/ competition/event. We have no obligation to provide a refund or return in following conditions

    I) If He/She will not submit their post/contents/materials by the last date of contest/events/competitions.

    II) If you post unfair materials or contents like copyrighted, stolen, Xerox, photocopy, etc. of other work. Then you will be disqualify without prior notice and your account may be suspended.

    III) Once you paid or your amount deducted in payment process will not be refunded.

    IV) If your gift prize returns due to any fault at your end then that prize will not be shipped again. So please give a valid shipping address.

    We do not provide the feature of cancellation your contest in the mid of ongoing event after participate on it.

    9 Selection of winner

    The selection of winner will be done by our prominent judges in the contest of each category held by our platform. There will be different judges for different category having good knowledge in their respect field. They will check all the posts of every contestants with efficiency.

    First of all, all the post of every participant will be shortlisted after ending of deadline time in each category, you can check the list on ‘post under review’ in winner section. Our judges will take some time to review all the post in all categories. So please have patience. The result will be published on mentioned date and time; you can check it on ‘contest winner list’ in winner section.

    Top three best posts of our same or different participants will be selected by our judges in each category and they will be awarded as 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner in each category, the result will be published on our website. Those users who are not selected in winners list, they cannot raise any claim of waiver or compensation or discount.

    Note :-The selection of winner will be done by judges in each category and the decision of judges will be final. No one can raise any question or claim or argument on the decision of juries’ result. They can’t raise any claim of refund or compensation of any type of amount or products, if our participant does not agree with the judgement made by judges.

    10 Certificates

    We provide an E-certificate to the winners of the contest/competitions/events. This certificate is only for personal uses to adorn at your home. This certificate is not valid for getting any type of waiver or promotion or grading or discount, etc.

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