Term and condition

The statements of these ‘terms and conditions’ make an entire lawful bond between users and Rulbuk Enterprises because it always helps us to remind our responsibility to keep this site environment safe and health maintained, consequently a better community can be developed here

    1. To use our service some restriction and guidelines are given below

    1.1 You must have a minimum legal age at least 18 years or old for user of India, if any user belongs to outside from India then their defined legal age of that country will be applicable. If you are below 18 years then you can use your parent’s email and phone no. to open account on our site and for other financial works, etc. Children less than 14 years, you can use our service only under the guidance of your parents or legal guardian to participate in any contest or competition. They may help you to operate all the works such as to understand what rules and regulations is, to receiving prize amounts, etc. In such cases your parents or guardian will have all the liabilities and responsible for all activity if any types of loss/incident/misuse happens to you.

    1.2 You cannot use our service (website) for sex offence, child pornography, violation,racism,bigotry,indecent,harassing,obscene,defamatory,gambling,dishoner or any harm of country India and other nation also, breaching any law, illegal activity, spam fraudulent, stimulate or encourage or help to any aggression or misleading or groundless contents or news.

    1.3 You can’t upload or post those contents or materials which violate child privacy, the law which are made for safety of child by government.

    1.4 You can’t sell or buy any type of details, information and downloadable contents which are provided on our site, for own profit purposes by misusing it anyway anywhere.

    1.5 You can’t transfer your account to the other person without our consent.

    1.6 You (on or off users) are prohibited to upload any type of virus or inappropriate materials or hacking tools in our website and if it is found so then required action will be taken.

    1.7 If you participate in any competitions or contest, you agree with us that you will not raise any claim for right to benefits or royalty of any materials or contents which are uploaded by you on our site, in case If we promote your post or contents through ads on other social media platforms and gets profit.

    1.8 If any types of dispute occurs with any user (on or off) then organisation decision will be final except legal dispute and you agree to this terms.

    1.9 This organization are not responsible to give any compensation for failure of any contest during live period due to any reasons.

    1.10 You can’t breach the law of copyright or printed media or trademark .In such casas, where violation of such laws happened and if any user of our site or third party having good faith belief that he/she is actual owner of that materials. Which are uploaded on our site is/are their property so they arise the issue of copyright and want to claim under the law of copyright. Then they have to follow some guidelines.

    1.10.1 They have to submit the original documents of that claimed material having an authorized signature on it either digitally or physically to proof the actual owner of that uploaded material or some part of the original content or materials. You may also submit such as screenshot, video clip, images, news, information in texts, etc. as a proof of original documents.

    1.10.2 All the appeal or argument of both parties about concern dispute will be listened and after the deep examination of all aspect, statement and documents then unbiased decision will be taken to solve it accordingly. During the period of investigation that claimed materials will be continue live as usual .If the complainer proves himself that he/she is the actual owner of that materials or contents then claimed material will be remove as soon as possible from our site. It is clearly stated that there will not constitute any recovery or compensation for such type of cases.

    1.10.3 Any types of dispute along with copyright will be resolved through appropriate channel and in such conditions, this platform reserves our all right.

    1.10.4 The court of Hazaribagh district has the jurisdiction over all disputes. If you have any problems, you can send your query to: support@rulbuk.com

    2.Statements of liability and responsibility

    2.1 It is clearly stated that this platform have no obligation to monitor or review or inform

    you about your account activity and condition. It is your responsibility to take care of your account.

    2.2 If two or more persons (male or/and female) meet or come in contact through our website then if any type of accident or incident or harm happens to their health or wealth. Then this platform does not take any responsibility for such incident.

    3 Management of our data

    3.1 If you comment something which downgrade or harm the status or prestige of any person or place or things anywhere on our site then we are permitted by you to delete your comment anytime.

    3.2 If you upload something which is against to our policy or ‘terms and conditions’ then we have sole discretion and permitted by you to either delete your account or suspend it. If you violate the rule and regulation of any contest or competition then we are permitted to disqualify from that contest or competition.

    3.3 You can not use or frame our website’s logo, text, page layout, models or structure, title and description.

    4 Contest/competition/events terms

    This contest is organized by a registered company name Rulbuk Enterprises . If you participate in this contest, then you also agree to our following additional ‘terms and conditionals’

    4.1 This contest is only for users of India .

    4.2 You must have valid legal identity proof of resident of India for delivery of gifts prize to winner. Due to any fault in shipping address if your courier returns back then it will not shipped again, so please provide a valid address.

    4.3 You must have a valid bank account or UPI or debit/credit card for transfer of prize amount to winner

    4.4 Entry Fees once paid is not refundable or non-adjustable at any circumstances.

    4.5 You can upload maximum three photos or paintings in each category

    4.6 All the persons of different age groups can participate. Children may participate only under the guidance of their parents or guardian if they are less than 14 years old.

    4.7 All prize amounts are notified along with banner of each contest and every contest, it may be different from ads.

    4.8 Winner will be selected by judes

    4.9 If you submit late, then we will not be responsible. So please submit before time.

    4.10 This organization is not responsible for any failure in the ongoing contest due to any reasons

    4.11 If any types of dispute occur with us, then the decision of this organisation will be final and you agree to this term.

    4.12 We reserve our all right to cancel or amend or postpone any events/contest/competition anytime anyway.

    4.13 The contents such as images, painting, etc. submitted by you must be your own creation.

    4.14 If you are found guilty in the work of hacking or malpractice to manipulate in the trending process by any means of methods then We can take action against you, your account may be suspended and/or you may disqualified from ongoing or all contest.

    4.15 If you post copyrighted material or intellectual property or plagiarism work of our users (On and Off) or other third parties in any contest or/and such as images, paints, patterns, theme, textual information, etc. Then you may be disqualified from that one or all contest. We will not be responsible for such types of issues.

    4.16 E-Certificate will be sent through registered email within 2 days after announcing of winners or after successful payments of prize amount.

    4.17 If you participate in the contest directly from payments option('Pay' option) then you also register to our website and you also agree to our all policy and "terms and conditions"

    The decision of judges will be final.No one can raise any question or claim or argument on the decision of juries’ result at any place 5 You agree with us to download and install any updates or features of our service on your device for better performance.

    6 All the privacy policy and ‘term and conditions’ will be applicable and effective in both website and mobile application.

    7 This is a type of platform where users share or upload their information and contents which are displayed to users on our website(such as food related , health related tips ,beauty tips ,etc.), so if any type of harms happens to any person in health and/or wealth, then this platform will not take responsibility to give any compensation and have liability to give reasons, only those persons will be liable who provides you such types of information through own post on our website. However we regularly monitor to control such type incident and we always be ready to solve it.

    8 we cannot guarantee or warranty that those files are downloadable from internet or our platform will be free of viruses or other harmful materials. Be alert.

    9 This policy does not apply in the condition, when any types of promises is/are given to you about any discount or offers by other company or organisation or any third party to promote our site through ads.

    Our privacy policy and ‘terms and conditions’ will be revived from time to time. You agree with us and permitted to add or defunct or modify any clause or laws of our service without a special notice. Hence the new policy will supersede the prior agreement from date and time of effect. This will happen only in such cases if any change occurs in law by government or other legal departments or if we feel that the changes are required in our service for better performance. Even then if you are still using our service it means you are satisfied to our new changes. So please keep updated.

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